E-Waste recycling a new era in resource recovery

For last decade we became more e-society  than for the whole 20th century. Not just because of all type of communication and information is electronic, but because we generate electronic waste more and more. And, in my opinion, it rapidly pushes the growth of new sector in the recycling business. Why it gives such confidence? […]


Potential of agriculture development in Ukraine

The agricultural sector represents 37% of foreign exchange earnings from exports in Ukraine. Agriculture is #1 export industry in Ukraine, that contributes 14% of total GDP. 60% of foreign exchange earnings, provided by agricultural industry falls into five main crops:  corn (20%), sunflower oil (20%), wheat (14%), sunflower meal (5%) and rapeseed (5%). The greatest […]


Ukrainian gas market in 2016

Reserves Ukraine’s natural gas reserves constitute 1.1 trillion cubic meters, 71% of which is licensed to PJSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya. Other state-owned companies are licensed with 17% of the country’s proven gas reserves. The remaining 12% is shared among the private corporations and other JAs between private and State companies. Consumption In 2016 Ukraine’s natural gas consumption […]